Our Community Values

ISB is more than a school. It is a complete community, serving the needs of students, teachers, staff, parents and alumni, either directly or through successful, collaborative partnerships. For us a positive culture and community are not ‘accidental’. If everyone is to be included, challenged and successful then it cannot be left to chance.

At ISB, we value inclusion, internationalism, fairness and transparency. We are actively looking for families and fellow colleagues who share these values and feel able to support us in our work.

Our Students

One of the most striking features of ISB is the extraordinary sense of community and the welcome it offers to families from countries all around the globe. We celebrate this diversity and the opportunities for learning that it brings.

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Our Teachers

We know from experience and research that the quality of teaching is directly linked to student achievement. Drawn from all over the world, we are proud of each one of the teachers that bring passion, professionalism, and a strong commitment to ensuring that every one of our students are included, challenged, and successful every day at ISB.

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Our Parents

Our parents support community life and learning in hundreds of different ways. One of the main vehicles of parent engagement at ISB is through our active Family Association.

The Family Association is run by a team of volunteer parents and its mission is to build a well-informed school community where all families are welcome, all families are encouraged to participate, and all nationalities are celebrated. Without the continued support and generosity of the many volunteers who work tirelessly on numerous events and community initiatives, our school simply would not be the place it is today.


Our Alumni

ISB welcomes back graduates, former students, past parents and former faculty almost every day of the year, from all corners of the world.
Our alumni community is truly global and we aim to stay in touch via communications and events with as many as possible. We work closely with active alumni and Class Representatives to support reunion events in many locations in Europe, Asia and Northern America.

Supporting ISB

ISB is a non-profit school dedicated to its Mission and vision: an inclusive community where all are challenged and find their own success; a school that develops Independent Learners and International Citizens on a Campus in which all buildings, grounds and services reflect our beliefs and values.

This vision is simple but ambitious. It is also real, and requires realistic support. Here is how you can get involved today.

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